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Welcome! Teaching Money Skills 4/9/2022 Hello and welcome to Two Can Tech's new blog!


We are excited to announce our new blog to further our mission to provide high quality educational materials and instruction to educators, therapists and parents.

Today we are featuring our Money Skills Acquisition Curriculum. This curriculum was actually developed over 30 years ago when working with high school students with intellectual disabilities who had not yet learned money skills. It has been utilized by many teachers for students in grades two through adulthood to help them quickly develop money skills when many traditional methods have failed. The curriculum has been formatted for the Boom Learning platform and features errorless learning. Lessons can be accessed directly through Boom Learning or through a learning management system such as Google Classroom.

The Supplemental Educational Activities for Learning (S.E.A.L.) Money Skills Acquisition Curriculum by Two Can Tech LLC is an innovative way to successfully teach money skills. It features a unique instructional method to allow students, including those having disabilities, to quickly master this important life skill. This technique has been successfully utilized for more than 30 years and results in rapid skill acquisition while incorporating embedded maintenance of learned skills.
All levels are self-grading and feature errorless learning technology. A self-graphing Data-CAT data collection form allows tracking of review card errors to guide instruction and progress monitor skill development. The Curriculum uses systematic instruction which capitalizes on learned skills to introduce new ones.

The Money Skills Acquisition Curriculum includes 456 Boom Cards divided among 39 Decks - one Deck for Overall Assessment, one Deck for each of the program’s 19 Levels and one Deck for each of the 19 Review Levels.

Each level in the Money Skills Acquisition Curriculum is presented in its own deck consisting of three instructional slides (the first of which is an interactive activity that reinforces coin identification and values) followed by 15 target items in which the student drags the bills and coins to equal requested amounts. Review Decks contain 5 maintenance items which address amounts from previous levels.
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